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QUICK TIP: Bedwetting Edition

Bedwetting is common throughout many children’s development. In addition to a number of physical causes, stress and major life changes (such as a move or addition to the family) can also cause bedwetting.

What To Do: If you are concerned about your child’s bedwetting, first consult your pediatrician to rule out any underlying conditions. A few practical tips include limiting drinks before bedtime and reminding your child to go to the bathroom at the beginning and end of the bedtime routine. If your child is stressed or has recently experienced a major life change, create the time and space to support your child around these feelings and changes. Above all else, remain positive and patient. Bedwetting can create feelings of embarrassment and shame. Listen to what your child is telling you (either verbally or with his or her actions). And remember- use positive reinforcement and encouraging words after a dry night!

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