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​QUICK TIP: Giving Advance Notice

All families experience the need for new rules and expectations in their homes. Family changes, children growing older, and old routines just not working anymore are a few reasons you may feel you need to switch things up. By informing your children of these changes and new expectations beforehand, you are giving your child the opportunity to understand and ask clarifying questions before you will be enforcing new rules. Example: It is 6:45 am and your child is running late getting out the door for the bus. You inform your child that from now on there will be a new morning routine to help get out the door on time- versus- On Sunday afternoon the family sits down together and you say "I notice we've been having a hard time getting out of the house in time for the bus. Let's brainstorm some ideas to make mornings easier for all of us." At that point the family can discuss ideas and decide on a new routine. Questions or Thoughts? Let me know!

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