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Filial Therapy & Child- Parent Relationship Therapy

What is Filial Therapy you ask- Filial Therapy is a form of Family Therapy in which parents are trained in a set of skills to inhabit the role of therapeutic change agent in their child's life. Whereas in traditional Play Therapy the Play Therapist is providing therapy to the child​, in Filial Therapy the parent is offered education and guidance for how to meet some of those very same needs at home. 

"Filial Therapy has been shown through 50 years of research and clinical experience to be an effective intervention for children and families experiencing a variety of social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. This unique therapy involve parents as the primary agents to resolve child-related problems, to encourage children's healthy psychosocial development, and to strengthen entire families. Filial therapists train and supervise parents as the parents conduct child-centered play sessions with their children, an approach that not only helps eliminate presenting problems but also strengthens parent-child and family relationships." (VanFleet, 2014)

Guerney, the originator of Filial Therapy, noted that when parents play with their children in a therapeutic way, children are offered the opportunity to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs that may not be expressed in the family's typical day-to-day life. 

Benefits of Filial Therapy include-

  • Understanding your child's emotional needs

  • Communicating more effectively with your child

  • Helping your child develop self-control

  • Regaining control as a parent

  • Effectively disciplining & limiting inappropriate behavior

Laura also offers Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, a 10-week Filial Therapy group. 

Parent Consultations, Trainings and Workshops

One of Laura's great passions is empowering parents, caregivers, and educators to better understand and meet the needs of the children in their lives. Many individuals find themselves confused (and sometimes even exasperated) by a child's behaviors, whereas others are interested in expanding on their knowledge of how to support a child's developing brain. 

Laura has been supporting children and parents for over a decade, and she is also the parent to two young children. Her parent coaching is informed by Positive Discipline, Conscious Discipline, the works of Dan Siegel and Dr. Becky among others.

Laura is available for individual parent consultations as well as parenting groups, workshops and trainings in the community. 

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